Joining "The Business Minds" offers members significant business exposure through increased visibility, opportunities to showcase their products, and media features, alongside access to investment opportunities via connections with investors, pitch events, and investment pools.

Additionally, it facilitates business expansion through strategic partnerships, advice on scaling operations, and support for entering global markets, all supported by expert panels, networking events and mentorship.

Why Join?
Joining The Business Minds offer a variety of benefits and opportunities that cater to professionals seeking to grow their business acumen, expand their network, and access a wealth of knowledge and resources.
  • Business Exposure
    • Increased Visibility: By participating in community events, speaking engagements, and featuring in publications, members can significantly increase their visibility within the industry. This exposure can attract potential clients, partners, and investors.
    • Showcasing Products/Services: Opportunities to showcase products and services through exhibitions, sponsorships, and advertising within the community platform or during community events.
  • Networking Opportunities
    • Connect with Peers: Membership allows professionals to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar goals and challenges, providing a platform for collaboration and support.
    • Industry Events: Through exclusive events and meetups, members can network with industry leaders and influencers, which can lead to potential partnerships and business opportunities.
  • Investment Opportunities
    • Access to Investors: Networking events and exclusive meet-ups can connect members with potential investors. This includes angel investors, venture capitalists, and other financial backers who are interested in new ideas and growing businesses.
    • Pitch Events: Organized pitch events where members can present their business models and projects to a panel of potential investors.
  • Community Support
    • Peer-to-Peer Support: Forums and discussion groups provide a platform for seeking advice, sharing success stories, and discussing challenges with peers who understand the nuances of running a business.
    • Mentorship Opportunities: Higher-tier memberships often offer mentorship from more experienced members, which can be invaluable for growth and learning.
  • Career Advancement
    • Visibility and Recognition: Opportunities to speak at events or contribute to publications increase visibility in the industry, establishing members as thought leaders.
    • Professional Endorsements: Being part of a respected community can enhance one’s professional profile and credibility when pursuing new career opportunities.
  • Professional Growth and Learning
    • Expert Panels and Webinars: Regular sessions with experts in fields relevant to business growth, such as international law, export strategies, and global marketing, to prepare members for expansion.
    • Mentorship Programs: Mentorship programs connecting members with experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who have successfully navigated expansion and investment challenges.
Requirements for The Business Minds Members
Joining our Club comes with a set of criteria that ensures a dynamic and collaborative community. To be part of our exclusive network, members are expected to meet the following requirements:
  • 1
    Business Ownership
    Club membership is tailored for business owners. Prospective members should be actively involved in the ownership and management of a business.
  • 2
    Leadership Experience
    Leadership plays a pivotal role in our community. Prospective members should have experience in a leadership role within their business or industry.
  • 3
    Ethical Standards
    Upholding high ethical standards is crucial within our community. Members are expected to conduct themselves with integrity, transparency, and a commitment to ethical business practices.
  • 4
    Collaborative Mindset
    A willingness to collaborate and share insights is integral to our community. Members should actively engage in the collaborative spirit of the club, fostering an environment where collective success is celebrated.
  • 5
    Commitment to Community Values
    Our community values, including trust, confidentiality, responsibility, honesty, and mutual help, are the cornerstone of our collective success. Members should align with and actively promote these values in their interactions.
Choose your plan
Standard Membership Plan
  • Unlimited access to the virtual platform
  • Community Chat
  • Connect with other Members
  • Private community groups
  • Exclusive partner brands benefits and discounts
Access Membership Plan
120 £/
  • 290+ events and workshops annually, in-person and virtual*
  • Business lunches, breakfasts, in-person and virtual
  • Mentorship matching
  • Unlimited access to the virtual platform
  • Connect with other Members
  • Private community groups
  • Exclusive partner brands benefits and discounts
  • Community Chat
  • Members Private Parties discount
Premium Membership Plan
495 £/
At The Business Minds, we believe in providing members with a tailored experience that aligns with their unique professional aspirations.

Our thoughtfully curated Membership Plans offer a range of benefits designed to elevate your journey in the business world.
  • 290+ events and workshops annually, in-person and virtual
  • Business lunches, breakfasts, in-person and virtual
  • Investors Pitch Events
  • Mentorship Matching
  • 2 guests par event
  • Access events attendee lists
  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Speaker Opportunities
  • Unlimited access to the virtual platform
  • Exclusive partner brands benefits and discounts
  • Connect with other Members
  • Community Chat
  • Private community groups
  • Free Members Private Parties
*Special introductory price for the first 100 members!
Join now to lock in this exclusive rate before it goes up for future members.
*Standard networking events costing on average £25.00 per event for non-members. As a member you'll enjoy unlimited access to all standard events, savings you hundreds of pounds.
Compare Our Membership Plans
Standard Membership Plan
Access Membership Plan
Premium Membership Plan
Unlimited access to the virtual platform
Connect with other Members
Community Chat
Private community groups
Exclusive partner brands benefits and discounts
290+ events and workshops annually, in-person and virtual
Business lunches
Members Private Parties
Business coffee mornings, in-person and virtual
Mentorship Marching
Investors Pitch Events
Speaker Opportunities
One-on-One Sessions
Bring up to 2 guests
Access events attendee lists